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Heartshaven Garden

I have been interested in vegetable gardening for many years. Not only does it seem to me to be a natural extension of my interest in health and nutrition, but it brings back happy childhood memories of helping Omi in … Continue reading

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Green Smoothy Photo Recipe

Green Smoothies are a great way to get lots of beneficial nutrients into you diet. They are quick and easy to make. Some people find that they need to get used to the taste, which is more savory and less … Continue reading

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Stretching Takeout

Yesterday after a day of caring for triplets my friend and I were both tired and didn’t feel like cooking, so we ordered takeout Thai food. Thai food, like many kinds of takeout, is really easy to stretch (make into … Continue reading

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Lamb Stew Photo Recipe

Tonight I made an altered version of my Chicken Millet Stew recipe. This time I used lamb and various veggies that I had on hand. Instead of writing about it I thought it would be fun to show the process … Continue reading

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Spring Vegetable Soup

Yesterday we got our CSA box of fresh vegetables, which inspired me to create this Spring Vegetable Soup. I find that each time we get our box there is a wonderful proliferation of vegetables that need to be prepared before … Continue reading

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To Buy Or Not To Buy Organic

I often get asked about when to buy organic. The below article by Michael Pollan has some answers to that question. In addition you can go the Environmental Working Group website for more information on pesticides in produce. To Buy … Continue reading

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Health Tip 3: Focus on Whole Foods

Over the last 50 or more years the availability of processed, ready-made, easy and convenient foods, has grown rapidly. Today people take less time preparing food than ever before. Unfortunately this convenience has taken a toll on our health. Processed … Continue reading

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