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Blossoms – Open and Shine

Over the last few months there have been so many different kinds of beautiful flowers blooming in the Heartshaven Garden. These flowers are not only colorful and nice to look at, they also play a vital role in the garden … Continue reading

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One with Nature

Some of my happiest memories from growing up involve being up in trees (literally!) or out hiking in the hills near home. Having grown up surrounded by amazing, beautiful landscapes, nature has always been an integral part of my life. … Continue reading

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Mind full, or Mindful?

A friend recently posted the cartoon to the right on Facebook. It made me think about how so many of us struggle with “full minds,” constantly thinking, whether it is a “to do” list, a fear about the future or … Continue reading

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Holiday Health Coaching Tips 12 – 22

Dec. 22 Holiday Health Coaching Tip – Appreciate both the light and the dark. They contrast one another and without one we couldn’t as fully appreciate the other. Today is Winter Solstice, also called Midwinter, Yule, the Longest Night. Tomorrow … Continue reading

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