Set New Years Intentions

Image by Veronica Rae

Image by Veronica Rae

Happy New Year!

A friend of mine, Veronica Rae, wrote a great article in the Huffington Post about setting intentions for the new year. She shares simple and easy steps to help you do it, too. Click on the link below to find out more.

Rather than create New Year’s resolutions, which often come from a place of lack and frustration, try setting New Year’s intentions. It’s simple, easy and refreshing! Here’s how…

For many years now, I have setting an intention for the year. Why? Well, it helps me stay tuned in and on my path for the year. Setting an intention helps me connect with my Spirit’s plan for the year. It’s freeing to let go of making resolutions that I can’t keep.

Just like Veronica suggests, I center myself, let go of expectations, make sure I’m grounded (i.e. connected to the center of the earth) and in a clear space (feeling calm and peaceful). During the whole process I tune into my intuition. In my mind I ask, what is my intention for this year? Information comes to each of us in different ways. For some people it’s in images, for others it’s in words or feelings, and for some it’s a deep knowing. Whatever works for you is perfect.

2014 intention

My overall intention symbol for 2014

For me it’s helpful to allow colors and images that represent my intentions to show up. Usually the first color or symbol that comes is the right one. It represents the qualities of what I want to create and what I am working on during this next year of my life. Sometimes I count to myself: one, two, three. Now! And then notice what the first color or symbol is that appears in my mind’s eye.

For the past two years I have done water-color paintings of my intention symbols. The image to the right was my over-all symbol for last year (2014). It has hung in my bedroom as a wonderful reminder all year.

I have shared two examples of ways you can tune into your intention for the year. There are may more. Have fun playing with these exercises and see what works for you!

Blessings for an amazing year!!

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