Making Herbal Salves

KatjaWellness isn’t just about what we put into our bodies, but it is also about what we put onto our bodies. Many people are become more aware that it really matters what we put onto our skin and are trying to avoid any synthetic ingredients.

Today I went to a class put on by a friend of mine, Katja, who taught us how to make healing organic herbal salves using plants that we commonly find in our backyard. It was surprisingly simple and also very helpful to have the practical hands-on experience of making these salves together. It was wonderful to see Katja’s passion for herbs and natural remedies.

HerbsIn the class today she focused on four particular herbs that all have wonderful healing properties – Calendula, Comfrey, Plaintain, and Yarrow. A few examples of how these herbs can help our skin… Calendula is great for dry skin, acne, and insect bites. Comfrey helps heal cuts, bruises, burns and even broken bones! Plaintain helps relieve itching. Yarrow is great for eczema, rashes, and inflamed skin.

After learning a little bit about the herbs, Katja talked with us about what kind of oils can be used to create the herbal infused oils, most of which can be found in a common kitchen (i.e. coconut, olive, sunflower), which are then used to make the salves. Finally, we got to create the salve with a mixture of the herbal infused oils plus some beeswax and drops of essential oils (i.e. lavender). It was so much fun to work together with the group, measuring out ingredients and learning how to make these at home.

Salve makingKatja will be teaching a class on Making Herbal Salves over the next two Saturday at the College of Marin. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in healthy living. You get to try out something fun and new, plus you’ll get to take a healing salve home with you! You can find more information on Katja’s class here.

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