Natural Food Dyes

It has become very common to see all kinds of brightly colored food product, especially “fruit” juices, desserts in rainbow colors and various snack foods (think Doritos or Cheetos). These foods typically use food coloring to create those bright shades of color. Some of these artificial food dyes have been linked to serious health risks.

The following is a short excerpt about what you can use at home if you want to make your own natural food colors. The full article, recently posted by Food Matters, by Michelle Schoffro Cook includes more about the hazards of food coloring . For the full article click here.

By using the juices from the following foods to achieve a specific colour, will ensure you achieve a beautiful (and chemical free) end result!

Green: spinach juice
Orange: pumpkin or carrot juice
Pink: raspberries or beetroot
Blue: blueberries
Purple: red cabbage or grapes
Yellow: yellow carrots, turmeric powder, saffron flowers

Using natural food colours will produce more of a pastel colour than the commercially produced dyes so you may need to experiment if you seeking a very specific end result. However, the taste will be better, you won’t experience allergic reactions or side effects and your body will thank you!


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2 Responses to Natural Food Dyes

  1. Emily says:

    Have you seen this cake?

    If I had a bit more time these days I would make it for Brianna’s birthday. But strawberry shortcake is so much quicker….

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