4 Ways to Create Your Lifeline to Happiness

Grateful for the beauty all around Mt. Tam

Grateful for the beauty all around Mt. Tam

by Jenai Lane

Focus yourself into an area of your life that fills you up. Do not look at the lack of something or what isn’t working and expect a different result but rather turn your attention to gratitude and appreciation. If at first you can’t find those things in which to appreciate; start with another, perhaps, with thoughts of someone you love. Ask yourself, what do you love about them? Then slowly move your focus to your environment. Ask yourself, what do you love about it? Gently, bring your focus back to you and your life. You will soon see there is so much to be grateful for. This gratitude is your lifeline to happiness. Take it.

4 Ways To Create Your Lifeline to Happiness

1. Create a daily Gratitude List. For the next week, each day, create a full page of things you appreciate or are grateful for. Notice how you feel throughout your day.

A gratitude walk

A gratitude walk

2. Take a Gratitude walk. Look for things you love in your environment. Consciously focus on only what you love and appreciate and why.

3. Acknowledge yourself for being kind. Create a list of where you have been kinder to yourself and others. Practice random acts of kindness each day.

4. When you find yourself not liking something in your life, instead of dwelling there, ask yourself this question: What is good about what is not working right now? Find the silver lining as there always is one. When you do, it will change you perspective on whatever it is you are experiencing.

If you would like additional support in bringing more happiness into your life, ask Maya about Spirit Coaching.

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