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Heart with FlowersI believe that one of the foundations of health and wellness is how we treat ourselves, including the thoughts we think. In my own life it has become clear that when I criticize myself or fall into any kind of “could have” or should have” thinking, I am creating dis-ease in myself. And this dis-ease eventually can turn into physical disease or illness. Over the past year I have been working on simply noticing when I have thoughts that include those could haves or should haves. When they come up, I practice letting those thoughts go and shifting my attention to thoughts about what went well or what I’m grateful for. This is one way that I am practicing increasing love for myself.

The below article includes some very practical suggestions for anyone interested in loving themselves more. I have used each of them at one time or another and they really do work!

10 Ways to Love Yourself More
by Jenai Lane

LoveThis time of year many of us are looking for love, but we may be looking in the wrong places. If love is what you seek, then give love to yourself. When we fill our selves with self-love, the love we seek from the external world is given in all its many forms. The wonderful part is, you don’t even need it anymore, because you are it. This makes the love in your life increase even more.

Loving yourself better is the key to a successful life. We are going to strengthen the muscle of self-love so you can feel better, love better, live better, and give in more aligned ways so your true contribution can be actualized.

As a Spirit Coach, many people ask me, “What is the one thing I can focus on that will give me the most transformation in my life?” My answer is self-love. When we learn to love our selves, it changes everything because love is our natural state. When we cultivate this love within, we begin to energetically radiate this without; this, in turn, attracts more love into our lives. So, let’s get started.

1. Write a daily Gratitude Journal about what you love and appreciate about yourself. Tell yourself the truth about who you are. Focus on what you did well each day, how you contributed, how you cared about others…

2. Meditate Daily. Often there is a disconnect between our minds and spirits. The mind would have us believing that we are less than, but the spirit knows that we are love. Connect to your spirit by meditating daily.

3. Learn to look at yourself like you would someone you really adore. Think of someone you absolutely love unconditionally. Imagine them in your mind’s eye. Send them love. Now, put yourself in front of this person and send the love to yourself so the love reaches through you and beyond you to the person behind you. This increases your ability to receive love.

4. Every day, pick one small act of kindness and give it to yourself. Whether it is a flower on your desk or a five-minute walk in the park, give to yourself in a way that shows kindness and love. This is you learning to really value yourself.

5. When you catch yourself beating yourself up, say, “Cancel!” You are your greatest ally; it is time to start acting that way. Do not berate yourself anymore. Be kind, be loving, and break the pattern of abuse against yourself. This act will transform you beyond your wildest expectations.

I See You!

6. Place your hand on your heart and breathe in love. When you exhale, intend that anything that is not love is leaving through your breath. Repeat this until you feel filled with the vibrations of love.

7. Visualize love as a color. If love were a color, what color would that be to you? See yourself enveloped in this beautiful color of love. Imagine it around you, as a vibrant bubble of light. Take this into your day, knowing you are immersing yourself in the vibration of love.

8. Call on a loving being to help you to see yourself as love. Then, place a picture of this person somewhere you will see it each day. I have a picture of the Dalai Lama on my bathroom mirror. He reminds me to see myself through the eyes of love. This is especially helpful, as I tend to be more critical of myself when I am looking in the mirror.

9. Take yourself out on a date. Yes, just you. Do something you really enjoy. Spending time with yourself helps you develop a healthy relationship with you. It is the most important relationship there is.

10. Honor your vision and dreams. Take the time to write down your vision and act on it. This is a great act of self-love. Every time you do this, you tell yourself that you are valuable and lovable and that your contribution really matters, because it does. Let yourself know you are worthy of all your dreams.

Each time you practice any of the above ten steps, you show yourself you are committed to you. This builds trust in yourself. When you trust yourself, it’s so much easier to love yourself. So what are you waiting for? Get started today cultivating more self-love and watch your world transform.

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