What Worked in 2012?

by Jenai Lane, Spirit Coach Training

Love LifeMany of us complete the year and we do not feel a sense of completion. There is always more to do and we have never done enough and literally, the list goes on and on. So how can we really complete our year and feel great about it? It is so important to have closure for our year and not only closure but to recognize how much we transformed, accomplished and succeeded throughout our year. This gives us the momentum to step into the New Year inspired and ready to co-create a fantastic year. Everyone wants to feel this way but most of us don’t. Here is a solution that works. I have been using it personally and with my clients for many years. It’s simply called, What Worked in 2012.

I asked a client recently what worked for her this year and she responded with what she was in the middle of now that wasn’t quite working yet. I said, “But what about all your accomplishments this year, all the hard word you did on you?” She responded by saying, “She could not recall these things off the top of her head.” This is exactly the point. We are not holding our accomplishments, gifts, successes, and transformations in our heads. When we do, life responds very differently to us. We live in a law of attraction universe so this begs the question, what do you want to attract in 2013?

After I had my client do the exercise of What Worked in 2012, she was astounded by how much she had achieved in her own spiritual growth, in her ability to live more on purpose, in her compassion and kindness to others, in her many successes and in some very long-term dreams she had actually brought to fruition. This left her with a feeling of Yes, I can! This is exactly how you want to approach the New Year.

I had another client who used this tool so successfully for himself that he decided to bring it to his board meeting so the non-profit organization he runs can also look at what they achieved this year before planning the next year. This is such a fruitful process for any organization or business. For all the business owners out there, imagine your employees acknowledging and celebrating their successes throughout 2012. How motivating this would be for them and for the company as a whole as you enter 2013.

Here’s How To Finish The Year Inspired:

To create your list of What Worked in 2012, get yourself centered, clear and connected first. Take some reflection time to tune into all the successes throughout your year, including: your growth, your service, your peak experiences, your dreams you brought to fruition, your adventures, your loves… all the things that make your heart sing… Do this from the perspective of your spirit and you will see so many more accomplishments than you realize. You can also add pictures of your peak experiences from 2012. Go into the New Year celebrating yourself, all you are and all you do. This will give you the inspiration to take new steps and achieve new dreams in 2013.

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