Welcoming a New Era


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Happy Solstice! Today is “officially” the beginning of winter and the shortest day and longest night of the year. Today marks the beginning of the return of the sun. Many around the world celebrate darkness turning into light.

This year is a unique solstice. So much has already been written about 12/21/12. I thought I’d pull together a few of the articles that I have seen, read, and appreciated about it.

The Intelligent Optimist published an article called, “December 21, 2012: the start of a new era,” which talks about how “indigenous people of the Americas saw this time (not as the end of the world, but) as a tipping point… the beginning of a new cycle” and how we can only change the world by changing our inner life.

An article called “the end of the world as we know it” was in the magazine Spirituality & Health and talks about the various shifts that different traditions talk about, as well as how each of us can choose to let go of old stuff (i.e. grudges and/or negative patterns) that we carry around with us that hold us back. It also describes a few solstice practices that you can choose to do if you want:

  • Meditate or sit quietly in the dark for a few minutes. Then write down on a piece of paper all of the things that you are ready to let go of and burn (safely!) that piece of paper to let it all go.
  • Turn on a candle or lights and “write down your biggest hopes and dreams for the year ahead and beyond.”
  • Gather together with friends/loved ones. Tell them what you are shedding as well as your hopes and dreams for the future.
You are awesome!

You are awesome!

One part that struck me talked about how we are moving into a time of greater heart energy. With this, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you this TEDx talk by Brene Brown. She talks about Wholeheartedness and the need to “cultivate courage, compassion, and connection so that we can embrace our imperfections and recognize that we are enough. Each of us is worthy of love, belonging and joy.”

It’s not necessarily easy to change, but it is definitely possible! This morning I read an article called “The best spiritual advice I ever received.” This article includes some amazing insights and tips for how each of us can take steps towards changing our inner life, how we can open up to our true Self (or Spirit) and let go of old limiting gunk. There are a LOT of gems in the article, so if you feel drawn to it, I would recommend giving yourself some time and space to read it.

Finally, as a part of this time of transition, whether it’s 12/21/12 or simply the end of another year and start of a new one, it can be a great time to look back at the past year. Recently a friend and teacher of mine (Jenai Lane of Spirit Coach Training) told me about a practice that she does at the end of each year. She looks back at all of the successes of the year, writes them down, includes photos, and creates a page or two of, “what worked in 2012”. This practice is a great way to acknowledge yourself for all you have accomplished over the last year. Instead focusing on what didn’t work or what you want to do differently next year, it shifts your attention to a positive perspective and helps you bring that positive energy forward into the next year.

I’ve been working on my own list and one success has been this blog and all the wonderful positive responses I have had from readers.

THANK YOU for reading and being a part of this community.

P.S. I came across one more interesting article: “December 21 2012 Explained by Mayan Elders, Priests and Shamans


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