How a knee injury re-awakened me.

Maya soccer

Playing soccer before my knee injury.

Before it happened, I never would have believed that a major knee injury would be the catalyst for changing my life in a positive way.

For years I had felt unfulfilled and unsure of what direction my life was going in. I worked at various jobs continuously searching, but at the same time always staying within a “safe” zone. Soccer, which I love playing, became my escape. As much as I knew that there was something off about my life and that I was here for a greater purpose, I avoided making a change that would really address that. It felt like as long as I could play soccer everything would be okay. I was stuck in a rut. I didn’t know how to make that kind of change or what that even really meant. Then in 2006 I tore the ACL in my left knee and had reconstructive surgery. This event was a turning point in my life. Tearing the ligament in my knee gave me the push I needed to go deeper, get to know myself on another level and make changes my life.

Change didn’t happen over night, other than not being able to play soccer for a long while. But over the next year I was able to make big shifts in my life. I started taking classes at the Foundation for Spiritual Development (FSD), a school devoted to self-empowerment and expanding intuition, where I learned more about myself and how to tap into my spirit, as well as the energy all around me. I looked into nutrition programs to work towards a new career. I gave notice at my job and took the opportunity to travel to Europe for three months. Over time I also began to feel different. As I connected more with my spirit and got to know myself on a deeper level, the feeling that something was missing left. I felt greater peace and less worry, I was excited about my work in a new way. It was clear that I was now on the right path.

Sometimes things happen, or as I see it now, sometimes we create experiences for ourselves, so that we can learn and grow in a certain way. Tearing my ACL gave me the kick in the behind that I needed in that moment. My spirit had been warning me to make real changes in my life, but I hadn’t been listening. Now, I am actually thankful for that experience and the growth that came after it. That experience helped me get to where I am today. It also showed me what my spirit, my true self, is willing to have my body go through to get my attention. And really, I’d rather not go through another experience like that, so it motivates me to do my best to listen to my spirit and follow my inner guidance.

About Maya

Health Coach, Spirit Coach, intuitive cook, cooking teacher, energy healer, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, soccer player, lover of life...
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