Blossoms – Open and Shine

Bee on Blossom

Bee on Blossom

Over the last few months there have been so many different kinds of beautiful flowers blooming in the Heartshaven Garden. These flowers are not only colorful and nice to look at, they also play a vital role in the garden by attracting the pollinators (bees!) and giving them the food they need to thrive. Having a diverse garden filled with many kinds of plants creates a healthier, happier garden.

Similar to a garden that needs flowers to thrive, we need more than just food to really blossom and thrive. We need satisfying relationships, movement and exercise, work that we believe in and feel good about doing, and spirituality. These “primary foods” nourish our spirit, our mind and our body. They can give us energy, a sense of purpose, direction, love and so much more.

As I was thinking about flowers and blossoms the other day I had a funny little moment. It struck me how no matter what kind they are, or what they look like, they grow and become exactly as they are meant to become. Flowers bloom to their fullest. They open their petals and shine. They don’t worry that if they open up and bloom their blossoms may eclipse another flower’s bloom. It struck me how if each and every one of us could open up and shine our unique, beautiful selves, what an incredible, diverse, and wonderful world it would create…

Heartshaven Flowers in Bloom:

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