5 Steps to More Abundance in Your Life

Opening to Abundance

by Jenai Lane

If you find that more money goes out than comes in, you may need to practice the Abundance Principles. These are five easy steps that will create more in-flow than out-flow of money in your life. Money is just energy, like everything else in the universe. The problem is we project so much onto it that it becomes weighted down and can’t flow. We experience this lack of flow as an energy drain, which results in not enough money. By practicing these simple steps, you not only can change your relationship to money, but use it as a tool to support you in your true service in the world.

1. Count Your Blessings. You have all heard the term, “Count your blessings,” but what does it really mean? One way to look at it is you are either focused on lack or on love. When we are focused on lack, there is never enough. What we need seems to be out of reach, no matter what it happens to be. We are always looking for the worst, the least, and this creates worry, stress, and fear. However, when we come from love, we recognize the infinite nature of the universe. We appreciate what we have and what we are given. We love what is in this very moment. We give love and receive love as if it is limitless, because it is. When we operate from love, there is no lack. Love then attracts more love. What is aligned for us comes to us with very little effort. Practicing coming from love is effortless because it is our natural internal state. When we practice this, we recognize so many blessings in our lives. Once we do, we just keep counting more and more blessings. One practice to help you count your blessings is to create an Abundance List. Fill a sheet of paper with all the reasons you are abundant. Start with the phrase, “I am abundant because…” Do it now; it feels so good.

2. Create Your Goals. What is money? Money is just an energy exchange for something else. You can’t just say I need more money; you need to know what is for. What is your goal? It’s not paying your bills; that is a task, not a goal. A goal is something that makes your heart sing when you think about it. Create a list of goals that inspire you. This will allow you to attract the money you need to achieve them and motivate you to take the aligned action steps toward your goals.

3. Give Before You Get. I always find when I am in service, my vibration naturally raises. When I am giving, I feel good. From this place, when I ask for what I need, it seems to come quite effortlessly. I always put my focus on giving first, and it always comes back to me tenfold. You can practice this by sending thoughts of healing to those you love and those in need. Do this daily before you ask the universe for what you want. You will find there is a reciprocal relationship between giving and receiving. Ask everyday how you can help others and many will be drawn to you.

4. Know Your Value. A Spiritual Asset is something we often don’t think about. We see our gifts as intangible, but what if they aren’t? By taking your spiritual gifts and giving them value, you start to understand how valuable you really are. Most of us take our gifts for granted. We believe if we can do something, so can anyone else; but no one has the gifts we have and delivers them in the way we do. Whether you have developed your intuition, have a compassionate heart, or can see another’s potential and help them cultivate it… you are in possession of some extremely valuable qualities. When we hold this knowingness in our energy field, we will attract the aligned people who we can serve and they will pay us for it. Create a list of your spiritual assets. Make the intangible, tangible.

5. Affirm Limitless Beliefs. One of my teachers once told me, “Your beliefs will prove you right.” What you believe will ultimately create what you experience. Examining your beliefs about abundance is key to shifting old patterns that leave you with less than what you want to experience in your life. Imagine if you could shift a limiting belief from, “I have to work hard to make money,” to “I make more money than I would ever need doing what I love.” I know it’s possible because I did it. You can, too. With the right tools and the right help, you can transform any pattern that isn’t serving you. You can begin by examining some of the limiting beliefs you are holding around money. Once you have identified which beliefs you would like to transform, you might work with a Certified Spirit Coach® to get the guidance and support you need to really change these deep-seeded patterns in your life. For more information, contact www.spiritcoachtraining.com.

Want to take the next step to remove your blocks to creating more abundance in your life? Feel free to call me for a free introductory Spirit Coaching session. Abundant Blessings to you!

Source: http://www.spiritcoachtraining.com/the-abundance-principles-5-steps-to-more-abundance-in-your-life/

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