Heartshaven Garden

I have been interested in vegetable gardening for many years. Not only does it seem to me to be a natural extension of my interest in health and nutrition, but it brings back happy childhood memories of helping Omi in the garden in Germany and Mami in the garden in Mill Valley. There is nothing like eating a carrot that is fresh out of the ground! Or snacking on lettuce or snap peas as you harvest.

A few years ago I grew some vegetables in containers, which was fun but not quite what I yearned for. Then earlier this year, my friend Katja became connected with an amazing community garden called Heartshaven. She knew of my interest in vegetable gardens and invited me to join with her. This is not the typical community garden where everyone has their own plot. Instead we all work together on the whole garden. It really is communal. Everyone can offer suggestions or make requests about what they are interested in growing. For the past almost 6 months, I have been blessed to work with this wonderful group of people who are a part of the Heartshaven community. Everyone brings unique gifts and skills to the garden – some bring years of plant/seed knowledge, others bring creativity and art skills, others bring strength and stamina, and we all bring a shared love of getting our hands in the dirt, nurturing plants to grow, and enjoying the bounty Earth has to offer.

Below are a number of photos of this amazing place. They go in order from oldest to most recent photos.

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