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We’re going to get personal today! I’m in Seattle this week visiting friends who have triplets. One of the babies was struggling with constipation the other day. Most people experience constipation at some point in their life. And for some … Continue reading

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Salad Fun

After yesterday’s post on greens I thought it would be fun to post a salad recipes. This can, of course, be altered to fit whatever you have on hand. I like to make enough so that it is a full … Continue reading

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Spring Greens

We are in the midst of Spring! Here in northern California the trees have bloomed and the new green leaves are out and growing. In many traditions greens are a large part of the spring time diet. They help us … Continue reading

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Anyone Can Cook

In this busy day and age, most people spend very little time in the kitchen cooking. Times have changed and unfortunately this is reflected in the “fast” food that is so commonly consumed. Like anything, cooking is a skill. It … Continue reading

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What is Self-Care?  This month I’m participating in a blog challenge being put on by the “Self-Care Queendom” Facebook Page. All participants will write a blog post each weekday for the month of May. As I started thinking about this, … Continue reading

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