Stretching Takeout

Yellow Curry with Broccoli added

Yellow Curry with Broccoli added

Yesterday after a day of caring for triplets my friend and I were both tired and didn’t feel like cooking, so we ordered takeout Thai food. Thai food, like many kinds of takeout, is really easy to stretch (make into more) by adding vegetables to the dishes. Personally I often find restaurant meals lacking in vegetables anyway, so leftovers or takeout are just made even better by adding some.

My favorite are the ones with lots of tasty sauces, such as curries. We got a yellow curry dish, which we supplemented with steamed broccoli pieces, and a noodle dish, which we added chopped, sauteed bok choy to. The vegetables each cook up in a matter of minutes and instead of just one meal for the two of us, we had two full meals. In addition, the vegetables make the meal healthier than it would be without them. None of the taste is compromised and personally I think it tastes even better!

Most takeout meals can be stretched and made healthier this way. I’ve done this with Italian, Chinese, Thai and others. Give it a try sometime!

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