Anyone Can Cook

Ethan helping us cook

Ethan helping us cook

In this busy day and age, most people spend very little time in the kitchen cooking. Times have changed and unfortunately this is reflected in the “fast” food that is so commonly consumed. Like anything, cooking is a skill. It takes practice and time to become an accomplished chef, but thankfully anyone can learn how to be a proficient cook!

Some people are more naturally inclined than others to cooking, but most of us have been exposed to some form of cooking, often starting at a young age. Maybe you watched your mom or grandmother make spaghetti or your dad grill some meat or, later in life, helped a friend or your partner prepare a meal. Just from watching others we start to learn or pick up bits and pieces on how to cook.

Ethan helping with the broccoli

Ethan helping with the broccoli

Last month I visited friends in Santa Barbara who have a little boy, Ethan. It was so fun to see how they have already started to introduce him to cooking and helping in the kitchen. And he is not even 2 yet!! I remember learning how to cook as a young girl, helping my mother cut vegetables and feeling very clumsy with the knife. When I teach cooking classes now, it’s helpful and important for me to remember how I felt at that time, since over the years using a knife has become second nature. With practice cooking and preparing meals becomes easier and faster.

If you are a beginner, you could ask a friend to teach you how to cook something or find a recipe that looks easy and just go for it! If you are already an accomplished cook, maybe there is someone in your life who you could share your skills with. There are countless benefits to cooking meals at home. Below are just a few…

Ethan helping put carrots into the bowl

Ethan helping put carrots into the bowl

Benefits to cooking at home:

  • Prepare things just as you like them
  • Easier to eat healthier
  • You know exactly what is in your food since you control the ingredients
  • Brings family and friends together – you have a shared experience
  • Saves money

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