Holiday Health Coaching Tips 1 – 11

Diego on a walk

Walking with Diego

Dec. 11 Holiday Health Coaching Tip – Reduce stress and bring inner peace through daily meditation. Even just 5 minutes can be helpful. Plus studies show meditation lowers blood pressure, can amp up your immune system, and improve your ability to concentrate.

Dec. 10 Holiday Health Coaching Tip – Take a dog for a walk in the fresh air. Not only do they love to get out, but the walks are also great for our health. Walking can help you lower blood pressure, maintain optimal cholesterol levels, reduce risk of type II diabetes, stay fit, maintain weight and improve your mood!

Dec. 9 Holiday Health Coaching Tip – Eat local produce! Not only are you helping small farmers and the environment, but it’s also good for your health because it’s fresher and can be picked at peak nutritional potential!

Maya at the Farmer's Market

At a local Farmer's Market

Dec. 8 Holiday Health Coaching Tip – Add millet to your diet. Health benefits of millet – high in fiber; great nutrients in it:manganese, magnesium, and phosphorus; as a whole grain it helps lower the risk for Type II Diabetes and is good for cardiovascular health. One recipe idea is Chicken Millet Stew, which is the previous post on my blog.

Dec. 7 Holiday Health Coaching Tip – Notice nature and be in awe. It is easy to get focused on what is going wrong, what is hard, or what hurts. One way to shift these thoughts is to take time to notice the world around us. This helps us let go of the negative stuff and bring in awe, gratitude and joy. This video of an owl landing in slow motion is one example of amazing nature. Enjoy!

Dec. 6 Holiday Health Coaching Tip – Laugh a lot! There’s a reason why it feels so good to laugh: laughter releases endorphins, the body’s feel good chemical. Other health benefits include: helps our body relax, boosts our immune system, increases blood flow, lowers stress and much more! This video is short and the laughter in it contagious.

Dec. 5 Holiday Health Coaching Tip – Hold your fingers. By holding each finger one at a time for 30 seconds to 1-2 minutes each, you can reduce stress and harmonize your emotions. Thumb harmonizes worry; Pointer finger harmonizes fear; Middle finger harmonizes anger; Ring finger harmonizes grief; Little finger harmonizes trying to. This technique is from the energy healing art Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Dec. 4 Holiday Health Coaching Tip – Take a break from technology. 🙂

Dec. 3 Holiday Health Coaching Tip – Give your body time to rejuvenate by getting enough sleep. It’s recommended for adults to sleep 7 to 9 hours a night, but each person’s needs are a little different, so find out what the right amount is for you. Benefits of sleep include: reduces stress, improves memory, helps control body weight, helps your body repair and stay healthy.

Dec. 2 Holiday Health Coaching Tip – Eat your food slowly. This helps you to eat the right amount of food for your body, since it allows you to be in touch with when you are getting full. It helps you have better digestion and it’s also lets you enjoy your food more!!

Dec. 1 Holiday Health Coaching Tip – Take a moment to breath deeply and say thank you for the food before you eat your meals. This moment of gratitude can help you slow down and take a needed break from a busy or stressful day.

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