Health Tip 2: Get and Give Support

It can be stressful to deal with health issues and very hard to make changes in your life or the lifestyle of your family. Communication, love, and cooperation are vital. Sometimes simply letting everyone know what you need can shift a situation.

–       Ask for Help – Sometimes it can be hard to ask for support from friends and family members, but it is a wonderful way to make others feel included and let them feel helpful.

–       Communicate – Talking to each other about health goals and why you want or need to do things in a new way. This gives everyone a chance to offer input or voice frustration. It is a great way to get everyone on the same page. Also it is helpful to let your loved ones know that you care about them.

–       Solidarity at Home – When you are eating together at home it is really nice to cook food that everyone can have. That way, if one member of the family has a food allergy, they will feel supported and a part of the family, instead of singled out. Support from family helps the child or family member adjust more easily to this new way of eating.

About Maya

Health Coach, Spirit Coach, intuitive cook, cooking teacher, energy healer, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, soccer player, lover of life...
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