Create the health you want in 2011

The New Year is often filled with good intentions, resolutions and/or goals we have set for ourselves for the coming year. A popular topic is improved health, whether it’s to exercise more, loose weight, eat better, reduce stress or anything else that effects our body, mind or spirit. As good as these intentions are, they can be very hard to follow without a plan or help of some kind. And when we “fall off the wagon” it’s easy to become disappointed in ourselves for not keeping or fulfilling our resolutions. Below are a few tips for helping you achieve your intentions, goals, and resolutions.

Resolution Tips for 2011:

Look at the Big Picture – Goals can put a lot of pressure on us. Instead of just focusing on the goals, you can first think about your overall intention for how you want to BE in 2011. Do you want to be peaceful, helpful, caring, loving, brave, connected, strong…? Each day we have the power to choose our state of being which influences our experience of any given situation.

Break it into doable steps – From that state of being look at what your goals for the year are. These can be big things. Then take these large goals and look at how you can break them down into smaller more attainable steps.

Take the pressure off – Be patient and gentle with yourself. Recognize that you are not perfect and will likely make some mistakes along the way. You can choose to change a goal at any time. You can also stop and then start up again at any time!

Get support from others – Friends, family, pets, coworkers and others can help you move forward. Working together is a wonderful way to gain motivation, encouragement and support around your goals. Being accountable to someone else helps you stay on track. Plus it’s fun to work with others.

View from a new angle – Sometimes we get stuck and it can help to turn a resolution upside down or look at it from a new angle. Ask yourself how someone else might see something. Or talk with a friend or coworker about their view. 

Most importantly HAVE FUN – When we enjoy (in joy with) something it is much easier to stay motivated to keep going.

A friend of mine recently helped me see one of my own resolutions from a new angle. After a bit of an indulgent holiday season, I had the resolution to get back on track with my eating habits. It became clear to me that it isn’t just about WHAT food I eat, but it’s also about how I THINK about the food that I eat. This new view shifted my resolution. It became something that I can more easily do. Now my resolution is to bless and enjoy ALL the food that I choose to eat, especially when I indulge in something that I used to view as “unhealthy”. Beating up on myself doesn’t help. It just adds negative energy to that food.

The process of becoming healthier, happier and more aligned with your true self is just that – a process.

About Maya

Health Coach, Spirit Coach, intuitive cook, cooking teacher, energy healer, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, soccer player, lover of life...
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